Gender Based Violence Referral Pathway

Ever wonder what services are available for victims and survivors of gender-based violence?

GBV Referral Pathway provides Frontline Persons responding to GBV with a one-stop guide that includes all services presently being offered in Belize.

It supports coordination among service providers to meet the needs of survivors. It not only coordinates service delivery and facilitate survivor’s access to services in “normal” times, but also can be used during emergencies and development contexts. 

It promotes the use of a survivor-centered approach that ensures survivors are active participants in defining their needs and deciding what options best meet their needs. Services providers can use it to advocate for survivor’s access to services, monitor service delivery, and follow up with survivors.

The goal is NOT to increase the number of cases referred, but to improve the quality and timeliness of care received.

It is a flexible mechanism that safely links survivors to supportive and competent services in a timely way and include any or all of the following: Health, Psychosocial, Security and Protection, Legal/Justice, and/or Economic Reintegration support.

In addition to the Referral, Pathway, a GBV Companion for Non-GBV Persons was also developed to support community persons who can lend support. This tool will provide guidance on the processes and what they can and cannot do. It’s a small, compact document that fits in small spaces for easy retrieval.

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GBV Referral Pathway

Do you need to report a domestic abuse situation?

If you are experiencing gender-based violence and need police assistance, please call:

You can also send a text or a WhatsApp message to the number 672-9628 to request urgent attention.

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