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Covid 19 Effects on Gender-Based Violence

National Women's Commission

Did you know that lockdown measures and school closures affect girls and women differently across the world and may have long-term negative effects and consequences?

Although it became apparent that with COVID-19, the mortality rates were higher for men than for women, it is still women who are more likely to bear the brunt of the social and economic consequences of the pandemic including Gender-Based Violence.

However, a State of Emergency, Quarantine and Self-Isolation Restrictions are not an excuse for violence. If you are currently experiencing gender-based violence at home, reach out via our Hotline System or our Safe Shelter that are both accessible throughout the country by calling 0-800-A-WAY-OUT or 911 or by sending a text/ WhatsApp message to +501-672-9628 which will be answered by either the police or operators 24/7.

Say no to VIOLENCE and keep our communities and country safe.

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